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Today's young students are extremely talented and want to achieve something great in their lives. But the pressure to succeed in a competitive environment is proving to be detrimental to the pursuit of their dreams. Also, factors such as rapid technological advancement, information overload, increased distractions and busy school & college routines present even more complicated challenges for students. These are:

1. There are a host of career options available to choose. How does one get the clarity on what they should pursue ?

2. For every option one wants to pursue there thousands others who want the same thing. How does one stand out from the competition?

3. In today's age, with the number of distractions and instant gratifications easily available to students the golden ability to pay attention to one thing for  along time has gone down. How does one stay focused in this information chaos?

4. Where there is competition there will be defeats. Do young students of today have the mindset to not get demotivated and continual the pursuit of their goals?

5. The job market is evolving due to technological innovations. How does one keep up with the change or evolve to meet new professional demands.?

Most students in their pursuit of success, unwillingly start running in a 'race to the top' right from middle school itself. By the time they graduate out of college this 'run without knowing why' mindset is already set in for many of them. The effect of this mindset shows in student's academic performances as well as career decisions. Many of the students who do not succeed in traditional competition start subconsciously defining themselves, their capabilities and even their future based on these social and market forces.

India has already started seeing the worst outcomes of this problem in terms of students attempting to end their lives due to too much identification with their place in the 'competition'. There are many others who do not take such a drastic step but continue to drag along with this mindset and eventually end up achieving far less that the potential they had in them.
Parents play a important role in helping students overcome this challenge. But sometimes effective communication between parents and their children is hampered by the generation gap. 


At Antarlakshya we strongly believe that students must not define themselves based on where they stand in so called 'competition'. More than mentoring, our job is to be like that one friend who sees the uniqueness in students even when themselves cannot see it.


We are a small group of young, dedicated individuals who deeply understand the importance of identifying and channelizing student aspirations at the right time. We have ourselves faced (and successfully overcome) the challenges we are helping students overcome. Our experience and the resultant insights is what led us to create Antarlakshya. Helping students rise up and perform to their true potential is what drives us to do what we do.

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Core Team

Indranil Samant

Indranil holds a BE (Mechanical) from University of Mumbai and a MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona State University-USA). He  also  holds a 'Global Career Counselor -Green Belt' Certification from UCLA, USA. He has over 6 years of experience in the fields of education, consulting & analytics . After spending 2 years helping CXO's from Walmart Global Marketing team as a Customer Insights Consultant, Indranil chose to return to India to pursue his dream of working in domain of education. His last stint was as a product manager with a leading Indian education technology company. Indranil's expertise in guiding and helping students comes from a vast variety of work experience across domains in India and the USA & his deep interest and practice of yogic and mindfulness disciplines.

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Supriya Samant

Supriya is a Chartered Accountant. Before she dedicated her time in creating Antarlakshya, she worked for over 6 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited (PwC) and Mukund M. Chitale and Co. as a tax consultant for many global fortune 500 companies. An ever smiling, patient & warm individual, Supriya's expertise to guide and motivate students comes from her grounded nature and the ability to appreciate, nurture and celebrate people for what  they are. Behind her calm yet warm demeanor lives an intense passion and a deeper calling to empower individual students to overcome the barriers within themselves and turn their dreams into reality. Supriya is also certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and in Neuro Linguistic Programming. She is also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and loves to learn new dance forms whenever she finds time.

Advisory Team
Hrishikesh Samant

Hrishikesh has been a merit holder in both SSC and HSC examinations. He is also a rank holder Chartered Accountant and a Bachelor of Commerce (Gold Medalist) from Mumbai University. He has over 6 years of experience in the domain of management consulting and private equity with companies such as BCG (The Boston Consulting Group) and Bain Capital.

Dinkar Samant

Dinkar Samant is an eminent Architect and Urban Planner. He played a pioneering role in design and development of Navi Mumbai. He worked for CIDCO during the years 1983 to 2008. He has also worked in the capacity of Managing Director and Executive Director for infrastructure and real estate companies for the past 8 eight years. He was also an expert adviser and interviewer for CIDCO, PMC, GIFT and UPSC. Currently he is guiding more than 80 final year architecture and urban design students in their thesis besides practicing as a senior adviser in architecture, urban planning and real estate.

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