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Antarlakshya currently offers 3 of its flagship programs to students aged 13 and above.

Focus Enhancement is first of its kind educational mentoring program, where we help a student preparing for a competitive exam to put in a super focused yet stress free study effort to crack the exam.
In the program,we work at a one-to-one level with you and help you increase attention spans, increase duration and quality of study effort, create personalized study plan and strategy, overcome distractions and develop the positive mindset needed to crack the exam.
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Focus Enhancement is first of its kind educational mentoring program, that helps young students(age 14-18)  increase their ability to focus on academics & thus improve their grades.
We closely work with students at a one-to one level and help them improve attention spans,effectiveness of study, overcome digital distractions & stay motivated, calm & joyful in their pursuit to academic excellence.
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CCSD(Career Change & Self Rediscovery) is a program that helps students/professionals  gain absolute clarity of thought and purpose on career related decisions.  
This program is best suited for those who are not not enjoying their current career /who are confused about their next career decision / who want to switch to a new career path/ who have been wanting to change a career but are procrastinating the decision.