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Workshop Details
Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is exclusively designed for students age 13+ who have a specific goal in their mind and who wish to work with intense focus towards achieving the goal. 
Workshop fees: Rs. 1500 per head
When & Where will the workshop be conducted?
Dates: 11th & 12th May (Saturday & Sunday)
Duration: 4 pm. to 6.15 pm.
Venue: Ruby Training Hall, 261, Behind Indraprastha Hall, Balrajeshwar Road, Next to S. H. Kelkar Company, Near Vaishali Nagar, Kamgar Colony, Mulund West, Mumbai, 400080 
What will students learn in the workshop? 

"Stay focused" is one common message students are conveyed frequently in school/colleges and at home. But has anyone told them how? No. That's why this workshop.

                                                           Overview of Workshop 


What is willpower and how does it impact one's ability to stay focused?

  • How will power and not intelligence will determine a students long term success

  • Techniques & Exercises increase willpower ,overcome impulses & improve study duration


Why the ability to hold attention on something for long will determine a students long term success?

  • Techniques to build concentration by focusing on breath

  • Techniques to build concentration through focusing on external objects

  • Techniques to stabilize & calm the wandering mind


Is academic only about getting good marks and admission?or there is more to it?

  • Techniques to systematically increase study duration


Who is benefiting from the digital revolution and who will eventually lose and suffer?

  • What is “screen time” and “Digital Diet” and the impact of it on student’s success

  • Techniques to cut down on cellphones, games &reduce screen and reduce screen time


What is visualization and how to do it correctly?

  • Techniques to overcome fear of difficult subjects through visualization

How to implement the techniques learnt in daily life?

  • How to participation in the Antarlakshya Action Challenge , a one month action plan to enhance focus levels

  • Audio files of techniques, tracking frameworks and learning material for home practice

To know more about what participants will learn in the workshop, please watch the short video below:

The workshop helped me understand the how controlling your willpower is connected to becoming successful.I practice the breathing exercises daily.It helps me stay calm.
Kavita T( Std. 8)
Who will conduct the workshop?
Untitled design (32).png

Indranil Samant


Global Career Counselor(UCLA,USA),

6 years of corporate experience with more than 4 years in developing innovative educational products

Untitled design (32).png

Supriya Samant

Chartered Accountant

Ex-PwC with  5 years of

experience in Corporate and International Tax

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