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Our program model and content has been designed keeping multiple considerations about individual student aspirations, personalities, intelligence and socio-economic backgrounds. The model is designed around two main goals:

1. Help students who know what they want to achive to give their 100% to it and also enjoy the process

2. Help students who do not have a specific goal to find it and help them take actions to move closer to the goal


To do this, Antarlakshya relies on two main pillars  internal discovery & transformation and external action. Both our programs have a solid scientific foundation of  modern psychometric tests and evaluations that help us  get an objective view of each student's skills, aptitude, motivation and personality type. The two main pillars of our program are based on this foundation. Each week's coaching content is based on these two pillars.Internal transformation must go hand in hand with effective action as the latter cannot happen without the former. As every student is different what we build on top of these pillars differs from student to student.







Some key features of our model are:

Coaching Location

One to one discussions can either be done at the Antarlakshya office or online via skype. Though online option is easy and convenient, we strongly recommend every student to opt for in office sessions at least once a month.

Individual Attention

One to one coaching sessions give us plenty of time to understand individual student's uniqueness, motivation, aspirations commitment to excellence and apprehensions. It also helps students become comfortable to discuss their stories with us. Individual attention and tracking are at the heart of all Antarlakshya programs. Every student is held accountable for their actions during the course weeks. We have specially designed frameworks to track improvement in students.

Customization as per student goals

The principles to success are more or less the same. The formula to individual success is unique. Antarlakshya courses are organized around the basic principles. But are flexible enough to be customized for every individual student. Our courses are designed to enable students to make steady but strong actions in the direction of their goal. It could be anything from increasing the amount of study time everyday or reducing the number of instant gratifications or spending time every week doing something creative apart from normal academics or doing a specific research about a prospective career one may want to pursue. These actions and tasks vary from student to student and are customized as per the student.

Effective Planning & Productivity Techniques

All our courses place a good amount of importance of creating effective plans, measurable goals and creating & following daily processes to achieve those goals. We also help students apply and implement these technique towards achieving their goals.

Parent Involvement

Though our courses are for students, we really encourage passive involvement from parents too. We also have intermittent discussions with parents to  help us monitor and understand the progress of the students. 


We have blended the best of ideas and concepts from the east and the west to come to a unique solution to solve the above two problems. Our internal transformation model draws from  a variety of disciplines such as Motivational Sciences, Yogic Sciences, Mindfulness Practices, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy etc. We have carefully selected elements from the disciplines that are relevant to the problem we are trying to solve and devised new techniques to help students.

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