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What is Focus Enhancement   Program?
Focus Enhancement is first of its kind educational & personal transformation program, where we help students(age 14-18) increase their ability to focus on academics & thus improve their grades . In the program, we work at a one-to-one level with the student and help him/her:  
  • Increase concentration Levels
  • Increase duration & consistency  of effort
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Reduce digital distractions



  • Create & follow effective plans
  • Create effective  study strategy
  • Create a positive mindset
  • Stay motivated and joyful
How is the Program Conducted?
In the program we will constantly work with the student individually for over 3-6 months. The program involves weekly meetings, goal setting, constant follow ups, plenty of home activities, exercises and progress tracking frameworks to enhance the student's ability to concentrate, study and write great exams. The program is conducted in the below mentioned channels
  • Online through video meetings(for students outside Mumbai & students who want to save travel time)

  • Face to Face @ one of our offices(Navi Mumbai/ Mumbai)

What exactly happens during the program?
Focus Enhancement is a transformation program where we help a student slowly transform into a more steady and focused version of himself/herself.To achieve this we work with the student in the following areas:
Weekly Goal  Tracking
The programs progresses in a form of weekly challenges a student needs to finish in order to move to the next week.The weekly goals are tracked using special frameworks that help the student and the parent keep track of their progress.
Yogic Meditative Exercises
To stay focused for longer duration, a student needs high amount amounts of mental energy, concentration levels and mental steadiness. To achieve this state a stress free manner, we train the students in specialized yogic breathing techniques and help them practice these daily through audio/visual tools.
Limiting Digital Distractions
We work closely with students to help them overcome  digital instant gratifications(Social Media, Whatsapp, Youtube, Gaming, etc.) and keep the usage of these tools to a minimum level during the study time.
Motivational Counselling
Counselling students on the common issues they face at home and in school is an integral part of the program. We help students develop a new perspective to these problems through various fun activities & stories.
Preparation Strategies
We help every student create , plan and implement a unique preparation strategy for subjects the student is not comfortable with and is seeking improvement in.
Self Discovery Activities
We believe that it is very important for every student to take a step back from the competitive academic rat race and start paying attention to who they are from within. Our self discovery exercises & activities enable every student to become more aware about his her, uniqueness, strengths, areas of improvement, dreams & ambitions.
Parent Interaction
Parents play the most important role in every aspect of a student's well being. Our program involves regular interaction with parents not just to track the students progress but also to create a stable, positive and encouraging environment that is necessary for the students to bloom.
Personal Atention
One of the biggest strengths of the program is it enables us to give 100% individual attention to every student. This enables us to carefully understand every student's unique strengths and weaknesses and leverage the knowledge to bring about transformation. Throughout the program, we relentlessly work with the student to motivate them, follow up on targets, listen to their concerns as a friend and also sometimes to push them out of their comfort zones to get the task done.
What Our Students Say?




Arnav used to be very moody and irritated in the beginning of his 10th standard due to the sudden increase in study load and hectic tuition and school schedules.

Antarlakshya’s focus enhancement program helped him become very calm.He also started doing more self study which was  very pleasant thing to watch.The frequent arguments between him and us( parents) also reduced.

-Dr. Deshmukh (parent)

Focus Enhancement Program

About the Mentors
Untitled design (32).png

Indranil Samant


Global Career Counselor(UCLA,USA),

6 years of corporate experience with more than 4 years in developing innovative educational products

Untitled design (32).png

Supriya Samant

Chartered Accountant

Ex-PwC with  5 years of

experience in Corporate and International Tax


Hrishikesh Samant

Rank Holder CA(AIR 3), BCom (Gold Medalist), 6+ years experience in Management Consulting(BCG) and Private Equity(Bain Capital)

Dinkar Samant

Eminent Architect .Ex-Chief Planner of CIDCO. Expert adviser and interviewer for UPSC, GIFT, PMC



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