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Antarlakshya offers personalized performance enhancement, mentoring and counseling programs with the single-minded objective of driving academic & professional excellence.
​Antarlakshya takes a non traditional and novel approach to guide and mentor students. Our programs are not subject or exam specific training programs. Every student is talented, gifted  and unique in his/her own way. But most students are unaware of themselves, what they really want, their capabilities, their natural gifts, their strengths and their areas of improvement. This unawareness and the resultant mindset & beliefs limit their ability to excel. Our job at Antarlakshya is to slowly take away these limiting factors and put every student on their unique path to success. Our programs are designed to enable students to take steady but strong actions in the direction of their goal. These actions and tasks vary from student to student and are customized as per the student


Students Preparing for  Board/University Examinations
(All Streams)
Students Preparing for 
Competitive Examinations
(All Streams)
Students who are not sure of what career option they want to pursue
Students who want to pursue a passion of theirs over a standard career path
Antarlakshya will be a best fit fot your child if He/She
Has good academic record but there is decrease in academic performance 
Has an average academic record but wants improvement in academic scores
Is sincere at academics but does not succeed in spite of the effort put in
Has faced academic failure and is bravely re-attempting for success
Is sincere in academics but stressed about a high stake competitive examination
Is intrested in many things and confused about what to pursue as a career
Is not interested in anything specific and doesn't know what to pursue
Feels stuck in a career path as its not his/her passion
Is pursuing an unconventional carrier and needs guidance
Feels he/she has not found a passion to pursue as a career
Students Aged 13 and above
Academic Stream: All boards/Any Stream


Technological innovation has disrupted traditional job landscape. Many of today's jobs will cease to exist in the next 5 years and the remaining will evolve dramatically. To succeed in such an uncertain yet tremendously exciting environment, apart from competence, students also need to cultivate a completely new mind-set – one that prioritizes learning over knowing, that helps them focus irrespective of the distractions, that keeps them calm and steady in face of pressure, that enables them to be gritty and bounce back from failures, that helps them remain motivated, joyful and stress-free no matter the situation and the one that helps him handle success the right way. Antarlakshya is all about mentoring students to take effective actions towards their goals with such a mind-set.
To be successful in this age of rapidly changing technology, ever growing competition and information overload,  students must not lose touch with their ‘real’ selves and must nurture their originality no matter where they stand in the so-called 'competition'.



We are a group of young, dedicated individuals who deeply understand the importance of identifying and channelizing student aspirations at the right time. We have ourselves faced (and successfully overcome) the challenges we are helping students overcome. Our experience and the resultant insights is what led us to create Antarlakshya. Helping students rise up and perform to their true potential is what drives us to do what we do.


Our program content has been designed out of years of desk research, empirical findings and personal experiences. Our programs draw content from variety of disciplines such as educational psychology, latest research on mind- body connection, motivational sciences, yogic sciences, mindfulness practices and career counselling - all blended and structured in a unique manner to help transform young minds.
Our ability to guide and lead students to success comes from the experience and expertise of our team and our unique & insightful program content. 


Antarlakshya was created to help students get out of the 'race mindset', take a step back and pay attention to their uniqueness & originality.  
Learning Mindset
Self Motivation
Mental Steadiness
Self Awareness
Goal Setting 
Effective Planning
Performance Tracking
Competance Building
Individual attention, if properly directed, can create wonders. Individual attention lies at the core of Antarlakshya programs. Our programs are typically 90 days long, which in our view, is critical to bring about the inner transformation necessary for drive external achievements. These courses are tailored to individual's personality, aspirations, motivations and unique strengths and weaknesses, and involve plenty of daily and weekly performance enhancement exercises, besides a weekly one-to-one interaction with the mentor. Each week is systematically designed to be a ‘stepping stone’ in the student's eventual goal, which is mutually pre-determined at the very outset. Performance is tracked against weekly targets through specially designed frameworks.